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Experts say Pakistan wants to ‘weaken’ Afghanistan

General Kayani and Pakistan want to weaken Afghanistan
General Kayani and Pakistan want to weaken Afghanistan

Pakistan’s army has been firing missiles across the border for the past two months to facilitate insurgent activities and “weaken” Afghanistan, regional experts said during an Afghan radio and TV program, Pajhwok Afghan News reported on Saturday.

Pakistan is responsible for displacing hundreds of families, igniting forest fires and causing casualties within eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province. The analysts said the Afghan government should file a complaint against Pakistan with the UN Security Council because the rocket attacks are in clear violation of international law.

Political analyst Mohammad Hashim Qayam said the Pakistani government was attempting to create disharmony. Khoda Dad Basharat explained Pakistan’s motives:

“With the rocket attacks, Pakistan wants to show its role in the region and to convoy a message to Afghanistan and the international community not to ignore the country (Pakistan).”

According to Reuters a member of Afghanistan’s spy agency said they now have solid evidence that “proves the rockets used in these attacks belong to the Pakistani army.”

The U.S. has begun transitioning certain districts to Afghan security forces as part of a gradual withdrawal plan which aims to have all coalition combat forces extracted from Afghanistan by 2014.

U.S. and Pakistani relations hit an all-time low when the U.S. killed over 20 Pakistani soldiers last November. The U.S. apologized earlier this week so that Pakistan would reopen supply lines they had closed in retaliation of the airstrikes.

Pakistan has supported extremists in an effort to weaken Afghanistan for no less than thirty years - since the end of the Soviet jihad when it turned the most radical elements of the mujahideen against Kabul in the late 1980s.

The U.S. must take precautions during their exit – if history in the region is any indicator. Formerr ISI chief Hamid Gul once publicly stated that Pakistan and the Taliban will team up to “bleed” the Americans as they exit Afghanistan just like they did the Russians.


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