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Experts predict Jodi Arias will be convicted of Travis Alexander murder

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Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Eiglarsh has predicted that Jodi Arias who is on trial for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander will be convicted. If Eiglarsh is correct and she is convicted, she could be given the death penalty.

Eiglarsh has been studying the questions the juror’s have asked at Arias’ trial. He stated, “I believe that they will convict her of first degree murder and my prediction is they are going to give her life.”

“When you look at the facts themselves, it just doesn’t pass the smell test. I can’t imagine they will excuse that conduct.”

“There is nothing black and white about it because we don’t know how many of the jurors are submitting questions. We also don’t know if any of the jurors are submitting questions.”

“They could be coming from alternate jurors who have no impact on the trial. We can’t assume it is coming from that many different jurors.”

“It could be just a couple writing many, many different questions.” Eiglarsh also stated that the juror’s questions could show that they are accepting Jodi’s statements as fact.

Eiglarsh went on to say, “Many of those questions show they are not only skeptical of her story but also of the experts. There are, however, some questions that concern me because they presuppose certain facts as facts.”

“Instead of saying, ‘If this is true, then blah blah’, they say, “So when he was coming after you, did you?’ they should saw, ‘You claim he came after you like a linebacker.’ They presuppose some of her statements as fact.”

“It might just be a poorly worded question but might also mean they believe her. Those concern me.”

“Common sense and after having been in the system for over 20 years, it doesn’t take even a lawyer to assess that when you have that many stab wounds and a shot to the head and a gal who can remember every detail including what she drank at Starbucks seven years ago, but when it comes down to the critical details, now she conveniently has a memory fog.”

“I think she is guilty and she should be convicted. I wouldn’t be outraged if that was the decision of the jury but I wouldn’t be surprised if they made life in prison the verdict. It is much harder to kill someone that you have been close and may still love than to kill a stranger.”

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