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Experts' computer simulations predict NFL 1st week playoff winners

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Experts with computer analyses and simulations of this weekend's NFL playoff games have differing predictions of the games' outcomes.

Out of three top NFL expert opinions based on computer simulations, in the Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs game, one picked the Colts by a hair, another gives Kansas City a significant edge and the third thinks Indianapolis has a large probability of winning.

In the New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles matchup, one gives a slight nod to the Eagles, the second gives an equally slight advantage to the Saints and the third gives the Saints a significant chance of winning.

For the San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals game, all three analyses pick the Bengals by a significant margin.

When the San Francisco 49ers play Green Bay Packers in what could be the coldest NFL game ever played, all three simulations favor the 49ers to a large degree, though some predict a close score.

All of the surveyed experts charge for their premium predictions, which include human review, which, they insist trumps computer-only predictions.