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Expert testifies against future state tax hikes for wealthy in N.Y.


  • Sol Negrin, ASC -- Director of Photography 6 years ago

    The motion picture tax incentives in New York State creates jobs and retains jobs not just in the industry itself, but also in the ancillary businesses from the top down that depend on the motion picture industry whom they supply with hardware materials, props, restaurant facilities, lumber, caterers, electrical supplies, housing,etc. to mention a few. These various businesses provide additional employment opportunities which creates additional monies for the state through taxes. It has been proven in other states that have such incentives to be very beneficial to those states financially. The previous years in New York State has also shown this program to be beneficial to the New York State. There are over 100,000 people working in the film industry not counting the additional people who work in the ancillary areas. It appears from this article that whoever wrote it, is not well informed on the importance of the film industry's contribution or how it works.

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