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Expert college admissions advice is now a click away

Having worked as a college admissions officer, director of college guidance, and president of Tactical College Consulting, a full-service admissions consultancy, I became increasingly disturbed by how much misinformation contaminates the public domain daily in relation to the college admissions process.

After many years of pondering a solution, Tactical College Consulting has launched Admissions Intel. Plainly and simply, this site is about providing accurate responses to student and parent questions about specific college and university admissions policies and procedures.

Rising above the fray of cluttered online forums that sensationalize the college admissions process, Admissions Intel is a universally accessible free portal from which students and parents with questions can get clear, concise, direct, and honest answers from the experts.

To provide our visitors with the most accurate and up to date information possible, Admissions Intel contributors include current admissions directors and officers, college guidance counselors, college admissions consultants, and students/parents who have recently or are presently going through the undergraduate admissions process.

Admissions Intel is built on the premise that students and parents, no matter their background or starting level of familiarity with the world of college admissions, deserve transparency.

We hope that you choose to take advantage of Admissions Intel anytime you have a quick question about the college search and selection process. In addition, we hope those of you who have learned a great deal about the rules of the road in the world of college admissions are willing share your acquired knowledge by becoming a contributor of answers on the site. By contributing accurate and timely information to Admissions Intel, you will help to dispel many myths that result in the admissions process being viewed as such a daunting and arduous endeavor for today’s applicants and their parents.

So, spread the world - Admissions Intel is up and running! Free expert advice is just a click away.


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