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Expert Advice on eBay Selling - Part VIII

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We’re going to take a dramatically different approach for this week’s installment of your Chicago Treasure Hunting Examiner’s eBay selling tips. Consider this post as an advocacy campaign for a minor revolution. Che Guevara your humble reporter is not. However, he does see a need for revolutionary change in the eBay selling process.

A couple years back, eBay took away a seller’s ability to leave negative or even neutral feedback for buyers. Meg and her cadre of suits felt that some unscrupulous dealers were intimidating the meeker buyers into leaving positive feedback for transactions or no feedback at all. Their ability to go negative, eBay felt, was slowly killing sales for the gigantic online auction house. That’s because the two-way street of honest opinion established in 1997 drove away the deadbeats and scum…until they signed up with another eBay ID and started all over again.

In this eBayer’s experience as a seller, this situation has opened a door for unscrupulous buyers to take advantage of any seller they choose. There’s no recourse for the old missing package game, where a seller claims that his purchase was lost in the mail. You can’t do much about the buyers who find defects not stated in the auction so they can renegotiate a better price after the sale. All a seller can really do is block them for bidding on future auctions.

Here’s a suggestion to all eBayer sellers who are fed up with this arrangement. Leave positive feedback for these nefarious buyers that begins with the phrase READ AS NEGATIVE. Then briefly describe their sin in lower case. In your item descriptions, implore all eBayers to read recent feedback for every bidder and block/cancel anyone with a READ AS NEGATIVE comment. Just like we did with negative-heavy bidders in the past.

Pass this suggestion along to everyone you know who’s involved with eBay. It won’t help eBay’s bottom line, but neither did the present feedback system. What this revolutionary strategy might do is improve the seller’s bottom line and bring some sense of justice back to the process of trading on everyone’s favorite auction site.