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Experience with Bosworth was good

When you think Oklahoma football, you can't help but think of Brian Bosworth.

Yes, that Brian Bosworth.

The one with the spiked hair that called the NCAA communists, the same Brian Bosworth that cost Barry Switzer his job at Oklahoma and would go on to play for the Seattle Seahawks.

I had the brief pleasure of meeting the Boz in Mobile while he was filiming the movie "Stone Cold" in 1990. While the movie was nothing to write home about, he was approachable and even stopped to talk to some of the people that I was having dinner with that evening.

It was one of the ladies (who happens to be a football fan) that noticed that it was Bosworth. So I went over and said hello. I told him that I was impressed with his college and brief NFL career and he responded quite nicely. Granted, he was somewhat busy but here was this guy that could have easily taken my head off my body and used it for a bowling ball and he actually took the time to speak to someone that he didn't know from Adam.

While I didn't get an autograph, he did have the time to stop by our table and ask if there were any other football fans. My friend Claudia gave me a look that said "I'm glad you went over there to talk to him."

Brian Bosworth had talent and a chip on his shoulder when it came to authority. At the same time, he took that talent and tried to make something of himself. The movie wasn't that great but it was worth the time to spend five good minutes (apologies to Tony Kornheiser!) with someone that I really liked to watch. That moment was well worth the time and effort and he impressed me as a person that cared about people and not be driven by money or ego, an important lesson to be learned.

There's an old saying that goes, "It's nice to be important but it's important to be nice." For those few moments, Brian Bosworth lived that saying to its very core.

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