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Experience wild game paradise at Half Moon Saloon and Restaurant

The delicious, lean kangaroo burger at Half Moon
The delicious, lean kangaroo burger at Half Moon

In the Brandywine Valley, excellent restaurants are a dime a dozen. There are so many gems in the area, having to make the decision about where to dine for the evening is the hardest part. In Kennett Square, there is a restaurant that is not only popular with the locals; it is now famous on a national stage. This is Half Moon Restaurant and Saloon, on State Street in Kennett Square.

Featured on the Travel Channel’s “Hamburger Paradise” for its famous wild game burgers, Half Moon is a destination location for people near and far. Every night, the restaurant features a different type of wild game for its burgers, chili, samplers and other such menu items. And this isn’t just any wild game. This is wild game from around the world; everything from kangaroo to ostrich to alligator.

Half Moon obtains many of its meats from local Pennsylvania farms, but does obtain its more exotic meats from around the world. Besides being delicious, wild game also has the plus of being leaner and having less calories and cholesterol than beef.

The Half Moon’s wide appeal does not stop with its famous wild game. The menu features many other insanely delicious, unique items such as its signature crab nachos, topped with crab artichoke salad and feta-jack cheese. The entrée list features distinctive items like old world quail wrapped in bacon or bacon buffaloaf. And, of course, being in the Mushroom Capital of the World, the menu features a smoky mushroom bisque that is simply irresistible.

If you want to wash down all this deliciousness, Half Moon boasts a fantastic beer menu which features an extensive tap list, a huge bottle list and a Belgian beer menu that rivals any restaurant in the Brandywine Valley. With Kennett Square becoming a craft beer destination, this falls right in line with the competition. There is also a wine list that features wines from around the world; everywhere from Argentina to New Zealand to Napa Valley.

One of the other Half Moon features that make it one of a kind is its rooftop dining area. While its obviously optimal to enjoy the rooftop in beautiful weather, this area is open year round and is enclosed in glass when the weather doesn’t cooperate. You can enjoy some primo food and drink while enjoying the fresh air and getting a birds eye view of Kennett Square.

Come experience what many around the country have descended upon Kennett Square to experience. Once you try one kind of wild game, you will want to come back and experience them all. As the Travel Channel has coined it, it is certainly food “paradise”.

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