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Experience When Summer's Gone's Knockout Mechanism

Referred to as a powerful blend of Alice In Chains, Stone Sour and Sevendust, When Summer's Gone masterfully creates powerful, heavy and aggressive rock. The sound is to be embraced and not shunned because while some hard rock often turns off or disappoints because of a vehement volume, When Summer's Gone forces you to turn the volume up rather than down. The landscape that they've drawn on is one submerged in metal, vocals and a rhythm that echoes long after a song is over. On Knockout Mechanism, the band's first full length album since 2009, listeners can immerse themselves in thought-provoking lyricism, catchy rhythms and a style that truly is a work of art.

The opener, "After All" is contemplative relying on a variety of factors to achieve its sound - from the vocals of band members, Dave Graziani on vocals and guitar to the musings of the lyrics about achieving dreams and wondering if the journey to achieve them was worth it. "Threadbare" perfectly aligns with the metal workings of Knockout Mechanism and does not disappoint. The song sounds reminiscent of a 90's cut, but equally resonates with the current metal genre backdrop.

"Like Ghosts" is inquisitive and offers a different type of sound that the other tracks do not have. There is something about the cut that will undoubtedly cause a stir in every listener as many carefully calculated pensive songs often do. On "Each Day" combines accomplishment with regret unraveling a story that is forceful in sonicism, but full of repining affliction. On "Reborn," Knockout Mechanism's final track, When Summer's Gone switch to mellow pangs and compunctions. The track effectively cements When's Summer's Gone's style of blending the sensibility of storytelling and grunge.

When Summer's Gone released their first project, December, in 2009 which earned esteemed reviews. Knockout Mechanism deserves esteem as well providing a diverse collection of formidable recordings.

Final Grade: A

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