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Experience Waryong Waterfalls, Seoraksan National Park, South Korea


The tour starts early, and upon stepping into the park, everything aggravating seems to disappear.  Step into now of Seoraksan National Park and enjoy the “unearthly” geological beauty, often mystified by morning fog. Steep rocky cliffs hide a rushing cold blue water. Many people walk with reverence during their short mecca to the waterfall; their expressions tell of an awed humbling experience,

Michael Rosenfield


Mt Seorak is just one of many breath-taking sites in Seoraksan Nation Park to behold.

Seoraksan National Park is a very popular tourist destination located about 15 miles Southwest of the city of Sokcho.

Mt Seorak is just one of an infinite number naturally beautiful sites in Seoraksan National Park.

Along the Suryeomdong Valley are miles of trails leading to the Waryong Waterfall.

The trails lead to the Waryong Waterfall

Walk along the Suryeomdong Valley Trail and surround yourself with the breath taking beauty that leads to the Waryong Waterfall. Each step brings new excitement and extraordinary beauty into view. Sculpted rocky trails are intermixed with metal grated stairwells; imbedded into the rocky Suryeomdong cliffs allow visitors spectacular sights.

The metal trails were built into the rocky cliffs of the Suryeomdong valley to allow a greater audience (less people are likely to get lost or hurt), to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Many maps posted along the paths help you navigate through the rocky park. If you are the type to wonder off the trail, a handheld GPS might be a good thing to keep on hand. Also a guide is always an option as well; there are plenty to choose from, friendly and informative.

The Experience
Over the eons the rocky landscape has been uplifted, impossibly twisted and folded. Running water smoothed the rocky ground over sections of the bedrock so that one could sit and slide from high up the steep slopes of the valley walls to the stream below. Here and there an evergreen tree whose persistent roots have gained a foothold in the rock, soak-in the sunlight. Gigantic boulders lay at rest along the stream (dwarfing the visitors wondering about the park), completing the unearthly scene that would make King Kong feel at home. Some time later, after crisscrossing the stream while following the hilly, winding path you will arrive at the Waryong Waterfall. A deep green pool at the base of the fall forever drinks the falling water.

Hotels and Flight Information
Seoraksan National Park is just about 15 miles Southwest of the port city of Sokcho so; there are plenty of hotels to choose from if you plan to stay a few days-, In addition, there are also many resorts, hotels and even hostels right in Seaoraksan National Park- For flight information from Ft. Lauderdale to S. Korea follow this link-

Enjoy the Falls!


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