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Experience variety and authentic Asian cuisine at Hunan Springs

On 4939 Hamilton Boulevard in Wescosville, Pa there is a restaurant that specializes in tempting Asian cuisine and a variety of selections that will please all customers. When someone enters Hunan Springs, the first thing they notice is the friendliness of the hostess who leads patrons to their choice of a table. As an individual walks to their table, they take in the comfortable ambiance and smell the tempting aroma of Asian cuisine wafting through the air. Upon reaching their table, a patron receives a menu and sees the variety of Asian and Chinese dishes that are available. Immediately the variety and quality of selections appeals to a customers tastebuds and makes them want to stay awhile.

To start the meal on an excellent note, Hunan Springs offers mouthwatering appetizer and soup selections that bring individuals back time and time again. Some of the most appealing appetizers are an egg roll for two (with ground pork and vegetables), crispy spring roll (with vegetables and shrimp), panko crusted shrimp (served with cucumber), homemade dumplings (a steamed dumpling with a patron's choice of chicken, pork or vegetable) and lettuce wraps (a pastry filled with water chestnuts and a patron's choice of meat). The savory soup selections are wonton soup, egg drop soup, chicken noodle soup and hot and sour soup.

When it comes time for the main entree, this establishment offers appealing entree selections that bring individuals back time and time again. Two of the best traditional Asian entrees are beef with bamboo tips and shrimp with tofu. Some of the popular entree selections are general tso's dish (choice of chicken, beef or shrimp, sweet and spicy sauce and broccoli), sauteed broccoli (in a white or brown sauce, with a choice of meat), moo shu (pork, homemade pancakes and Hoisin sauce), sesame chicken (white meat chicken over a bed of broccoli), Thai coconut curry (with a choice of beef, chicken or shrimp), Chinese eggplant (served in a sweet and spicy garlic sauce), shrimp with lobster sauce, lemon chicken and sauteed mixed vegetables (sauteed pork ribs and cilantro). All of the above are excellent selections that will leave you wanting more.

Hunan Springs also offers tempting chef specialty options that appeal to patrons of all ages time and time again. Some of the best selections are the sizzling seafood delight (with shrimp, scallops, crab legs, a chunk of lobster meat and mixed vegetables), a sizzling steak (a NY sirloin steak, sauteed in brown sauce, green peppers and onions), the Thai delight (with a patron's choice of chicken, beef or shrimp, comes with pineapple chunks, snow peas and mushrooms) and golden shrimp (fried in a brown sauce and served with broccoli). These are all tempting selections.

For patrons who are looking for a vegetarian option, Hunan Springs offers delicious vegetarian entrees that will leave you wanting more. The most alluring vegetarian entrees are a homestyle bean curd, sauteed mixed vegetables and Shanghai bok choy. As the perfect accompaniment to your vegetarian entree, this establishment offers mouthwatering noodle and rice selections. The tempting options are lo mein (with a customer's choice of beef, shrimp, pork or chicken), flat rice noodles (available with a patrons choice of meat or vegetables), cold noodles (served with chicken or shrimp), crispy pan fried noodles (served with a patron's choice of vegetables or beef) and fried rice.

At lunchtime, this restaurant offers delicious express lunch selections that please tastebuds at a reasonable cost. The tempting chicken options are orange chicken, chicken with broccoli and sesame chicken. The mouthwatering beef selections are beef and broccoli and beef with mixed vegetables. One of the succulent shrimp options is the golden shrimp. All of these options are a delicious way to enjoy lunch with friends.

In addition to these choices, Hunan Springs offers mouthwatering over rice platters and side selections that will leave you wanting more. Some of the best over rice platter options are curry chicken (served with rice) and China Town (with chicken and beef, all sauteed with mixed vegetables). The tempting side selections are white rice, brown rice and steamed noodles. All of the above are excellent selections that bring individuals back time and time again. So, the next time your family is looking for quality and a variety of selections, consider Hunan Springs. See the difference that a unique atmosphere and authentic Asian cuisine can make. Enjoy.

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