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Experience Torchlight II for free this weekend

Steam users can download Torchlight II through the popular game service's client. The company announced the offer Thursday afternoon. Returning fans of the original game or gamers who are curious about the world can delve into the RPG game without paying the modest $5.00 price tag. Runic's Torchlight II returns to its regular price on Sunday afternoon.

The original Torchlight proved that independent developers did not need a major video game company backing them to produce a popular, high-quality game. Torchlight II includes many of the ideas that made the original game successful. Players can battle new creatures and learn new classes. The game provides many hours of game play.

Centuries ago, the original heroes of Torchlight put down the evil of Ordrak. Centuries after the original heroes put down this threat, a new evil arises. Someone found Ordraks' essence, and he is using it to defile the six sacred elements.

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