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Experience "This Yoga Life" with Jon Mize

For a well-rounded yoga experience, join Jon for "This Yoga Life" every Sunday
For a well-rounded yoga experience, join Jon for "This Yoga Life" every Sunday
Jon Mize

Local Yoga Teacher Jon Mize teaches a unqiue class Sunday evenings at Yoga Vista.

"I try to hit all the 8 limbs of yoga," Jon explains as he describes This Yoga Life, which is offered for the incredible price of only $5 every Sunday from 6-7:15pm. The class begins with a brief meditation, then Jon guides students through a short yoga asana sequence, followed by a sacred study and discussion of yoga texts such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, "and then withdraw the senses for a nice, long Savasana" writes Jon through a recent email interview.

Jon selects a theme schedule at the beginning of the month and posts it on the Yoga Vista website. The theme this Sunday, March 20 is Aparigraha or the concept of non-possessiveness. Next Sunday will be a Yoga Sutra study.

"We get real deep sometimes in our discussion and participants move inward and share what life means to them. From that, we all grow closer and connect to our Divine," writes Jon.

Serving Another Teacher

For the months of March and April, Jon has committed to donating all money earned through his yoga classes to the Summer's Hope campaign.

Jon first met Summer Autio at a Yoga Vista staff meeting. They met again in LA where the Dalai Lama was visiting.

"I said 'hello, I think I know you,' and she responded by giving me an enormous hug. I still don’t know if she knew who I was at the time, but that’s the kind of soul she is, and if I can help her in any way, I’m there" writes Jon.

Jon Connects with his Students

Jen Haase, Yoga Vista's studio manager, began taking classes from Jon long before she ever thought about working for a yoga studio. She needed to chill-out and Jon was teaching a class labeled "de-stress yoga." She was immediately hooked on his classes.

"I just really liked his energy, I very felt spiritually connected which I have yet to find somewhere else. Something about him shines through and you feel it throughout the entire class," says Jen. "I got hooked and never wanted to stop."

"My hope is that one day someone will tell me that they reached Samadhi in my class, how awesome would that be?" writes Jon.

Jon may also be participating in other events for Summer's Hope. Be sure to keep an eye on the events page of for updates.


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