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Experience The Healing's Childhood Home EP

Based in London, The Healing draws upon a variety of subject matter in their Childhood Home EP. Full of strong vocals from Jim Moreton, the lead vocalist as well as Ariel Moreton providing harmony vocals, Nicolas Py on drums and percussion and Sam Theiry on bass guitar, the sound presented on Childhood Home is one of powerful impact. The combination of sounds that emanate from The Healing along with the lyricism create a singer/songwriter atmosphere.

The Healing
The Healing

"No Virtue," is a reflective and contemplative cut that immediately amazes with its Led Zeppelin-ish vibe and dynamic lyrics. As Jim sings "I found no virtue," the listener is drawn in by what he is saying and feels as if there truly is no virtue. On "Losing My Way," The Healing is equally as reflective, but much more intimate with the ups and downs that life often throws.

"Tonopah" allows Jim to take listeners back to his childhood adventures. It is full of details that hearken to much of the classic rock tunes of the 1960's and 1970's; while the title track feels hauntingly psychedelic that is a pensive track that is both deliberately solemn but evenly forward-looking in what the future holds. The final track, "Shed One Tear" returns to the more vibrant melodies of the EP to close out a well-timed collection.

The track, "Childhood Home" was released in October of 2013 and since its release, has gained significant traction among singer/songwriter lovers and radio stations alike. If the Childhood Home EP is any indication of what The Healing can do, then the band will undoubtedly impress for years to come.

Final Grade: A

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