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Experience the art of Champagne at RM Champagne Salon

a delicious Dopff sparkling wine afternoon
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Looking for a lovely outing in Chicago which takes your mind away, then take a trip to Champagne-country in Chicago at RM Champagne Salon. The menu reads like a bistro in Paris, and the lovely atmosphere will take you away (literally) to a dream world of Champagne.

But the main attraction is the wine, or rather, the plethora of sparkling wine and Champagne options to try. By the glass or by the bottle you can experience the world of Champagne, from the classic to the Cava. I stopped in on a lazy Sunday, and took a seat on the idyllic patio, a place I could spend all day at. After chatting with our server, we decided on the Dopff Au Moulin "Cuvee Julien", a Cremant sparkling wine from Alsace. Alsace is known for bringing bright fruit flavors in their white wines, especially with Gewurztraminer and Riesling, and this wine fit this tone perfectly. Having had a mimosa earlier in the day, I was happy to complement it with this cirtrusy and smooth sparkling wine.

If you are a purest, RM has some wonderful Champagne's to select by the glass or bottle, and across many a price range. For the sake of education, it is important to differentiate between the classic Champange and sparkling wine options at RM. True Champagne comes from the Champagne wine region in France, however globally there are wines made with the Method Champenois, which are simply called by different names. In Spain it may be called Cava, and in Italy they say Prosecco. Some of these sparklers are not made in the same style and have different flavors and qualities of their respective regions, but they are all equally delicious in my book, and worth a try.

Get your sparkler fix any day of the week at RM Champagne Salon, and embark on a lovely International Champagne experience right here in the city.

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