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Experience the Adirondacks by kayak or canoe

Perched high-up on Tom's Rock overlooking Lower Saranac Lake offers incredible views like this.
Photo by Mark Francis Schwab

With more than six million acres, 3,000 lakes and 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, northern New York’s Adirondack Park is a serene and scenic vacation destination.

Best of all, the Adirondack's feature a unique and intricate waterway system that connects streams, rivers and lakes that is perfect for paddlers looking for a kayaking and canoeing getaway.

Not only are there thousands of places to discover in the Adirondacks, but exploring by kayak or canoe allows paddlers to experience a more personal, up-close view of nature by hugging shorelines, navigating shallow waters and maneuvering through waterways that motorboats (and even some canoes) would not be able to manage.

Day trips or family outings are easy to do in the Adirondacks. Because of the diverse terrain and water conditions and the variety of outdoor destinations, paddlers can take an easy jaunt across a lake to a hiking trail, take a walk through the woods and paddle back to their place of origin all in one day.

The Adirondacks have many water routes suitable for experienced kayakers and "canoers" looking for whitewater adventures or paddlers looking for a relaxing ride down a docile stream.

The St. Regis Canoe Area is the only designated canoe area in the state. With 18,000 acres of 58 ponds the area is a paddlers’ dream. The area is noted for its clear spring-fed ponds, short carries and tranquil beauty. The entire area is closed to all motorized forms of transportation so the best way to enjoy all of the ponds is by use of kayak or pack canoe.

The Adirondack region provides many destinations for people to get away and reacquaint themselves with nature, but the wilderness is best explored and appreciated when approached with knowledge and research.

To make sure your adventure is perfect, hire one of the many Registered Guides who are ambassadors to the wilderness and can introduce areas that visitors might not discover on their own.

So get out and reconnect with nature and yourself. Whether it’s a day trip down a meandering river or an overnight adventure through whitewater rapids, the Adirondack wilderness provides the perfect escape. For more information listed below are more than enough information to get you out on the water in some of the most prestine wilderness in the United States.



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