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Experience tempting entree and sandwich selections at Spinnerstown Hotel

On 2195 Spinnerstown Road in Spinnerstown Pa, there is a restaurant that specializes in mouthwatering entree selections and a comfortable ambiance. When someone approaches the white and brown shingled building of the Spinnerstown Hotel, they realize that the establishment has a charm to it. As a patron enters the restaurant, they are pleased by the friendly welcome that the hostess gives as they lead individuals to their choice of a table or booth.When a customer is walking to their table, they begin to take in the ambiance of the place. Brown tables and chairs aid in giving the place a comfortable feel.White tablecloths adorn the tables. A brown hardwood floor completes the look. Upon reaching their table, a patron is handed a menu and sees the variety of selections that are available. As someone decides what they would like to try first, the tempting aroma of freshly prepared dishes wafts through the air.

To start the meal on a delicious note, Spinnerstown Hotel offers tempting appetizer options that will please every patron at your table. Some of the most popular options are corn fritters, cheese fondue (served with a loaf of bread), chicken wings (in a patron's choice of hot or barbecue sauce), sweet potato fries, a basket of chips, housemade macaroni and cheese, scallops (with potato pancakes and an apple salad), crab cakes, tacos (with a wheat tortilla, smoked cheddar, vegetables and cilantro) and housemade belgian frites. In addition to this, Spinnerstown Hotel offers savory soup selections that will warm you up on a cold day. The best options are the chef's soup of the day and Manhattan clam chowder.

Spinnerstown Hotel also offers tempting salad options that will make the pickiest eater rejoice. The popular salad selections are smoked cheddar (with grilled chicken, granny smith apples, spring mix and cheddar dressing), a caesar salad and blackened chicken (with tomato, pepper, romaine and peppercorn dressing).When it comes time for the main entree, this establishment offers tempting sandwich and burger selections.

The mouthwatering choices are a crab cake sandwich, Irish reuben sandwich, turkey rachel (roast turkey, coleslaw, thousand island dressing and swiss cheese) and the Vermont sandwich (chicken breast, bacon and cheddar cheese on a croissant). The popular burger selections are the fried tomato burger (with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and pesto), a classic cheeseburger and a standard beef cheesesteak (with American cheese, marinara sauce and onions). All of the above are excellent choices.

When an individual is looking for a mouthwatering entree selection to savor, they don't have to look any further than the entree options. Some of the best options are filet mignon (an eight ounce steak with mashed potatoes), a New York strip steak (twelve ounces), Hunter's pork (pork mignon, potato gnocchi and apple slaw), veal or chicken parmesan, the broiled seafood combo (with shrimp, scallops and fresh fish), crab cakes, pan seared scallops, fish and chips, shepherd's pie and Mediterranean shrimp. All of these selections are excellent.

The Spinnerstown Hotel also offers a nice children's menu that parents and their children can both agree on. The tempting options are a pizza pie, cheeseburger, grilled chicken, pasta and grilled cheese. Either way, a patron can't go wrong. So, the next time your family is looking for a restaurant with a comfortable ambiance and tempting menu selections, consider the Spinnerstown Hotel. Come and enjoy the innovative cuisine and friendly atmosphere. See the difference that quality ingredients can make. Enjoy.

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