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Experience South Africa in 2014

The New Year brings new experiences to South Africa, whether it's through spiritual, culture or adventure. Participating in the country's traditions and cuisine gives visitors a new perspective on its people. South Africa is a country rich in history, culture, amazing scenery and endless exploration.

The Union Building in Pretoria, South Africa
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South Africa’s Cuisine

Not only is South Africa made up of various cultures and individuals, but also to a wide variety of cuisine. A number of traditional dishes reveal a new type of cooking style introduced by immigrants. The best way to appreciate the various dishes is by sampling them.

One dish that is a favorite among South African's and tourists is called bobotie. The dish is made up of spiced minced meat and baked with an egg-based topping.

Many of the culinary arts practiced and enjoyed throughout the region include various sweets, chutneys, and samosas. Another favorite snack is the Bunny Chow dish, consisting of a hollowed out half-loaf of bread filled with curry and chicken, lamb, beef or choice of vegetable.

Visitors can also sample biltong which is a form of cured meat with a selection of spices. Another tasty dish is called boerewors that can be found at barbeques. It is made up of sausage, stywe mieliepapa, and firm maize porridge with tomato, onion, and chilies.

Touring the Region

If your interest lies in culture, you definitely want to take a guided tour to a sangoma. A sangoma is a practitioner of traditional medicine. If you're lucky enough, you can witness a sangoma initiation, trance, healing ceremony. Visitors can also purchase herbs and a variety of mixtures at several of the local markets.

Rich history combined with food, music, art, language, and dance is a must-see when visiting Soweto. While touring the township, visitors will learn the significance in the town's struggle to overcome apartheid. That reminder can be seen when visiting sites such as the Mandela House Museum and Freedom Square.

Further to the south is the town of Howick where visitors can visit the Nelson Mandela monument. This incredible sculpture of 50 steel columns represents 50 years since his capture by the apartheid police.

A visit to the South African National Art Gallery in Cape Town is a special treat giving visitors a glimpse into the diversity of the country. The art gallery features over 8,000 African, British, French, Dutch and Flemish art collections that date back from the colonial period to our modern era.

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