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Experience of learning floral designs makes a difference in your artistic life

After entering into March, it is getting warmer and warmer day by day. Many kinds of wild flowers will bloom shortly and lots of wild flowers will be at their best soon. Those who love flowers and like to watch flowers will find the spring best season. If it is one of your most favorite hobbies to view and watch flowers, you can further enhance your hobby by way of learning flower arrangements.

Creative floral designs you can learn at California Flower Art Academy
California Flower Art Academy
Creative flower arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

No matter whether you already have some experiences in floral arranging or not, you can find something new in the style and way of floral arranging if you take lessons of floral designs. Suppose you believe you have earned a lot of skills, techniques and the methodology for making European or American style of floral arrangements, you must find various things which you have never experienced so far by learning Japanese traditional floral art called IKEBANA.

On the other hand if you have been concentrating and focusing on Japanese Ikebana and have no experiences in European floral arrangements, it is quite worthwhile for you to have a fresh experience of learning western style floral designs, namely European or American style floral designs.

The reason behind above opinion is that from country to country and from culture to culture there is different way of thinking and another kind of art can be found. Floral design is not exceptional. Some of students who are learning floral designs at California Flower Art Academy have experiences in Japanese traditional Ikebana arts in addition to European floral arrangement and it looks like such students have a wider and broader skills backed up by various types of floral arrangements. Many of such arrangements are created by way of blending skills and concept of Japanese and European floral art.

While there are some common skills and concept between European floral art and Japanese Ikebana, we can find outstanding difference between these two types of arrangements. Those who diligently learned and earned skills of both floral arts are apt to have advanced and unique skills of blending different floral arts, which definitely help them create and develop unique flower arrangements that cannot be done by floral designers who have experienced only one kind of flower arrangement, either European or Japanese designs. Blending different types of floral arranging can help enhance the portfolio of flower decorations.

If you are interested in finding what kind of difference exists between these two types of floral arts, why not visit YouTube that offers a variety of flower arranging skills from Western floral art (European or American arrangement) to Japanese Ikebana arts ?

California Flower Art Academy has been helping students earn practical skills of floral designs from European arrangements to Japanese Ikebana since its foundation going back to 1990 in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley (San Jose). If you are seriously interested in earning a decent skill of floral arranging, we can help. For more information, please feel free to contact

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