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Experience jazz, poetry and guitars at Outsound New Music Summit

Jazz will occupy a prominent place among the genre-bending and -blending performances that comprise the 13th annual Outsound New Music Summit, which runs through Saturday at San Francisco’s Community Music Center, 544 Capp St. Here are the highlights.

Sixteen performances will take place throughout the week, and will include the first poet to experiment with jazz, ruth weiss. Dubbed by writer Herb Caen as "the goddess of the beat generation," ruth will collaborate with buchla synthesis pioneer Doug Lynner. The Summit will also feature world premieres by the Emergency String (X)tet, the Deconstruction Orchestra; Pitta of the Mind; the world-renowned Henry Kaiser; and the Teddy Rankin-Parker/Daniel Pearce Duo performing new works by Renee Baker.
"The New Music Summit is a beacon for some of the most creative of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene," said Outsound Presents founder, Executive Director and curator, Rent Romus. “We feature rare and intriguing world premieres, amazing unknown young artists, and seasoned unsung masters deserving of more credit across the music and performance spectrum. The Summit is important on the West Coast because it supports the local community in a fun and engaging festival environment.”
On Wednesday, the New Music Summit presents a night of spoken word and poetry with electro-acoustic music, dubbed PoetryFreqs, featuring Pitta of the Mind (Maw Shein Win and Amanda Chaudhary); one of the first American jazz beat poets ruth weiss with electronic pioneer Doug Lynner; the debut of Watkins/Trammel/McZeal (Zachary James Watkins, and Marshall Trammell) with award winning poet Amber McZeal which will run the gamut from bebop to soundscapes.
On Thursday, it will showcase six talented and provocative guitarists in a program simple entitled “Guitars.” The four sets, presented by Henry Kaiser, Amy Reed and Ross Hammond, Noah Phillips and John Finkbeiner, and Sandy Ewen and Jakob Pek, will stretch the limits of the instrument crossing the borders of electronics to found objects and everything in between.
On Friday, it will bring two extremes together in a program entitled Constructions, with the Teddy Rankin-Parker/Daniel Pearce Duo, premiering new works by renowned composer Renee Baker, commissioned by RPPD specifically for the Outsound Summit. The Deconstruction Orchestra, a mass ensemble of 25 leading Bay Area improvising musicians led by tenor saxophonist and composer Joshua Allen, who will perform the debut of “The Structure of Sound and Space,” an original deconstructivist-inspired suite of cell structure game compositions, melding together post-modern, free jazz and non-idiomatic improvisation.

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