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Experience innovative rolling relief with Moji massaging tools

Treat your feet and body to a dynamic and feel-good action with Moji’s innovative and iconic rotating massage sphere gear, a line of performance products aimed to alleviate ailments with ease and effectiveness. Check out these two Moji massage marvels that will soothe every nook and cranny of your body with a precise, targeted technique for amazing results:

Moji 360® Mini Massager, retails for $29.95.

Moji 360® Mini Massager ($29.95) - this mini massager is mighty good on muscles, offering an easy-to-use and efficient massaging method that targets and treats troubled areas in a snap. Moji’s 360® Mini Massager is a petite but proficient tool that easily fits into the palm of the hand and features seven freely-rotating massage spheres to relieve sore and tight muscles all over the body, simply slide and secure fingers under the adjustable closure and roll. What’s unique about this mini massager is that it features different sized massage spheres that self-rotate to each serve a specific purpose and provide a varying level of intensity. They are strategically-placed to align with the pressure you place from your hand — from the tips of the fingers to the heel of the hand — so you get a deep massage that precisely pinpoints those pesky troubled spots. I loved the feeling I received from the top and bottom spheres, respectively named the “Target” and “Intensity” spheres, the more pressure I placed with my hand the deeper the massage. The “Target” sphere pinpointed my aching area while the “Intensity” sphere dug deeply and intensely to roll out the tight muscles. Moji’s 360® Mini Massager is great for at-home massages and quick on-the-go treatment thanks to its light and portable design which makes it convenient to use and take with you wherever you go. Plus, the mini massager is contoured and flexes to mold to every nook and cranny of your body so you can target and massage even hard-to-reach spots. The 360® Mini Massager is a clever, convenient and compact massaging tool that is great for the upper back, shoulders, calves, shins and IT bands.

Moji 360® Foot Massager ($39.95)- treat your feet to some TLC with this freely-rotating foot reliever that is a must-have for all those suffering from tired, achy feet and the ever-so painful plantar fasciitis (heel and arch pain). Moji’s 360® Foot Massager is a mega-massager that features two zones with two different massage intensities containing rotating steel spheres set atop a slip-resistant base, so you can simply sit down and relax as you roll your feet across the feel-good zones. Zone 1 features seven small massage spheres that give your entire foot a soothing massage with gentle to moderate pressure. Zone 2 features two large massage spheres that provide a deep-kneading massage that digs into tissues for penetrating action and targeted relief.

I really enjoyed using Moji’s 360® Foot Massager for several reasons:

  • Easy-to-use- this foot massager was super convenient to use, I simply sat down on a chair or on my couch and rolled my feet (one at a time) to receive instant feel-good action and soothing comfort. Plus, the 360® Foot Massager features a non-slip base that stays put on any surface as you sit down, relax and enjoy a controlled and targeted massage your feet
  • Double-duty purpose- the 360® Foot Massager features two zones that provide two different massage intensities so depending on my personal needs and foot ailments, I was able to receive a custom massage according to what I craved at the moment. I used Zone 1 to give my feet an all-over soothing sensation which felt absolutely amazing and reinvigorating especially on days when I worked out or stood on my feet for long hours. Zone 1 really relieved my feet from the tips of my toes to my arch and heel. I particularly enjoyed Zone 2 on my right foot which suffers from plantar fasciitis — the two large massage spheres really work magic to deeply knead into my arch and heel to stretch and soften the tissue. While at first Zone 2 can feel a bit painful because the tissue is tight, once you roll your foot over a few times it starts to lessen the pain and feel good…and believe me, after rolling my foot over several times it really felt less tender and progressively more comforting
  • Portable and stress-free maintenance- the 360® Foot Massager is a handy portable size that you can easily carry and transfer to use in any room in the house as well as neatly tuck away underneath your couch or bed to store. What’s more, it’s very easy to clean — simply wipe down with an alcohol wipe and air dry

To shop for Moji’s 360® Mini Massager and the 360® Foot Massager visit

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