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Experience Decadence in Your Running Shoes

Running from the Paparazzi Tour of Beverly Hills
Running from the Paparazzi Tour of Beverly Hills
Off N Running Tours

In a city as eclectic and lively as Los Angeles, there’s plenty of opportunity to create unique and memorable experiences. Cheryl Anker realized this sixteen years ago when she founded Off 'N Running Tours

Off 'N Running Tours was the first tour company in the country to incorporate running into tours. It recently started offering the now hugely popular Running from the Paparazzi Tour of Beverly Hills, which takes runners as well as walkers, at paces that meet the groups’ comfort levels, on a personalized tour of an area that many LA locals find a bit intimidating.

But aside from boutique and international designer shops with price tags unfit for the budget-conscious and valet hotel, restaurant and residence driveways that you don’t imagine you’ll be pulling into anytime soon, Beverly Hills contains some secret gems that you can experience without the big dough. And the Off 'N Running guides know exactly where they are.

The tour will take you through beautiful garden areas that are richly endowed, well-maintained and little accessed. Your guide will point out uniquely designed buildings, such as one designed by Franklyn Lloyd Wright and a city dome top made of gold, and let you wander about the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market.

Your guide will uncover surprises that you won’t forget and will keep you alert of and open to unexpected discoveries in the stomping ground of the lavish.  Last, but not least, a Crumbs cupcake treat to reward your hard work!

The Running from the Paparazzi Tour is fun, active and unique. It presents great opportunity to add some flare to your standard couple’s routine, act as host to out-of-town guests, or even design a unique birthday event.  One recent birthday group of LA ladies had great fun on the tour!

To learn more about this and other Off 'N Running Tours, visit the site's LA tour page.


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