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Experience a taste of Central America in Mid-Michigan

A delightful combination of wonderful people and outstanding fare at the El Salvador Restaurant.
A delightful combination of wonderful people and outstanding fare at the El Salvador Restaurant.

For those of you who want to want to try something different….

Grand Rapids is a sort of unknown melting pot for various cuisines. You just have to look to find what you are looking for.

In this case find the El Salvador Pupuserias and Restaurant, located at 2019 Division Avenue.

The portions are massive and comparatively the prices are inexpensive. You can order a “bowl” of a variety of soups: menudo, Indian hen, sopa de pata (an El Salvadorian staple) and super seafood to name a few… but the size of said “bowl” is like a small cauldron. If you order the pollo frito o asado (grilled “fried” chicken) expect a healthy sized half of one on your plate complete with exceptional deeply rich refried beans, lettuce, and tomato, whole smoked roasted medium spiced peppers, and several slices of thick flat bread.

Trust me, you will not leave hungry or dissatisfied and your wallet will be grateful. Other menu items include: pollo guisado (stewed chicken), carne asada (grilled steak), chiles rellenos, tamales, fried plantains as well as a host of other mouth watering additions.

What is most beloved about this place is the authenticity of food offered on the menu. Items are listed in their traditional names, but there are pictures which are extremely helpful for those of us who have forgotten high school and/or college Spanish, but you can ask the helpful staff questions.

There is no pretense here, the flavor profiles can attest that the recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. There is no franchise, no commercials, and no mass marketing shark like feeding frenzy. In fact you might pass right by it driving down Division Avenue. This is just pure wholesome down to earth food.

This is a wonderful and gratifying place for a new taste experience. A small homey nook here that should not be overlooked.

For more information contact:

El Salvador Pupuserias and Restaurant



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