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Expensive seats on the Glass, huh Rahm?

Rahm loses all credibility with expensive seats, denim shirt.

Don't you just love when politicians step down from their soapbox to be with the people?

I especially love when they role up their sleeves, to be down "in the trenches" with us.

"The people" don't sit on the glass Rahm, not at those ridiculous prices, heck, real blue collar types can't even afford the 300 level seats at a Hawks game anymore thanks to the bandwagoners who recently discovered hockey, but I digress...

It must be nice, Rahm, to be above the law and blow through red light cameras and school speed zones and not pay your tickets. Tell us how to live, but the rules don't apply to you. All the savings on those unpaid tickets surely allowed you to sit that close to the playoff action.

We know you'd rather be at something more cultural, than be at a Hawks game. Donate the tickets next time and don't subject yourself to such ridicule. No amount of pandering to "the people" will get you elected again.

And if you sit that close to the ice again, at least get a jersey...

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