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Expedia Coupons 2014: Save on vacations with promo codes

I enjoy booking hotels and flights on Expedia. To help me save some dollars, I will usually use some Expedia promo codes where possible. Here are some of the latest coupons.

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Although this post is not exactly about fashion which I usually write on, I have received requests from readers who are interested to understand how I manage my travel expenses and to learn some money saving tips. You can find more Expedia coupons on coupon websites such as Retailmenot. Expedia is a global online travel agency which allows customers to book hotels, flights and travel packages comprising hotel and flight combinations on a single platform. Expedia also owns other travel websites such as, and it is the largest online travel agency in the world currently.

Expedia was founded in 1996 by Microsoft. Since then, it has been spun off into a separate entity which is currently listed on NASDAQ. Other than, the company also owns and operates many other high traffic and reputable online travel agencies such as, Trivago, eLong and Hotwire.

There is an increasing number of consumers who choose to book travel tickets and hotels online, and with a plethora of websites to choose from, consumers are spoilt for choice. Expedia stands out amongst the crowd as one of the most well-known and popular websites to make hotel bookings, in part due to it's long history and reputation in the industry, and more importantly, because of it's commitment to ensuring consumers get the best prices and rates for air tickets and accommodation on

In other to stay on top of competition, Expedia frequently runs promotions such as 72 hour sales, themed sales coinciding with national holidays. Besides, Expedia currently has more than 30 different websites in different countries, ensuring that every country's Expedia website is localised to suit local consumers' needs and norms.

Over the years, Expedia has constantly evolved and continued a strategy of growth to keep itself relevant to consumers. With new online travel agencies popping up all the time to try to grab a share of the multi-billion dollar online travel industry, it is amazing that Expedia can still manage to stay ahead of the competition and that really attests to the good product range, pricing and service that it offers.

Expedia's customer service is one of the best in the industry, and no matter where you are in the world, you can always find someone to talk to anytime of the day if you call in to their customer service team. Most of the time, most issues are resolved quickly through requests submitted online and customers seldom need to call in the first place.

Expedia is a reliable and trustworthy brand, and this is important in the travel space where billions of dollars are transacted. Afterall, the last thing that a traveller wants is to have a hotel booking which is not being honoured at the hotel after making a booking. Such incidents never happen with Expedia as it is a huge company with a reputation to protect as the world's number one online travel agency.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to any of the websites or merchants mentioned in this article.

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