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Expecting to see Jesus: A Wake-up Call for God’s People, by Anne Graham Lotz

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Expecting to see Jesus: A Wake-up Call for God’s People, by Anne Graham Lotz, Foreword by Joel Rosenberg, Zondervan Publishers, 2011, 272 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-0310333852, $14.99

“I will live to see the physical return of Jesus to earth…,”writes Billy Graham’s daughter,

Anne Graham Lotz in Expecting to See Jesus: A wake-up Call for God’s People,

an expanded edition of I Saw the Lord that released in 2006.

If I live out my “natural lifetime” Lotz continues, “…my generation is the one that immediately precedes the return of Jesus Christ to earth…” Lotz’s birthdate—1948.

Her “deep inner conviction” is a blend of recent global events with the words Jesus spoke to the ancient apostles. Lotz’s description of Christ’s prophesies include “…wars, unprecedented weather events, starvation and other signs that depicts the end of the world as we know it.”

In addition, she believes “…the attack on September 11th was meant as a wake-up call to all Christians,” and the church. “But we missed the message,” she said in a Christian Post interview: of national attitudes of repentance and seeking God, in a few short days national pride re-emerged.

Her insightful and inspiring new release, endorsed by New York Times best-selling author, Joel Rosenberg, connects Jesus’s ancient prophesies to current national and international headlines in “…a dramatically sobering way” for the reader.

She divides the signs Jesus said to look for into five categories, (1) spiritual or religious, (2) national, (3) environmental or natural, (4) personal or cultural, (5) and global. Although such things have always happened, she believes the increased frequency and intensity within each category are unlike anything seen before.

Jesus described such a time as the “beginning of sorrows” in (KJ) or “birth pains” in (NIV) Bible translations. Lotz’s description of childbirth begins with “low back pain and pressure,”with each pain “stronger than the last,” their intensity and frequency increasing until “the baby emerges.” I believe she’s correct, whether you believe in pre-mid-or post tribulation, many signs point to Christ’s imminent return.

Lotz wraps her narrative in snippets of Carole’s story of “personal revival” to encourage readers toward their own personal revival that spreads to families, homes and churches. The book concludes with Scripture Study Worksheets for readers use with examples of how to use them.

I requested Lotz’s timely book to review after I heard her interview on television and believe her book is inspired by the Lord and the Holy Spirit. She encourages reader to renew their faith and remember God is in control of ALL things. However, now is the time “ repent” and live “…expecting to see Jesus in the next moment.”

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