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Expectant Waiting

Waiting. It is an experience few of us have anymore. Access to information is literally at our fingertips and we are able to plan our lives so that down time doesn’t really exist. While actively managing our time facilitates production, it does not necessarily support the creativity and spontaneity that revitalizes our routines or sparks our passion. It is with the allowance of time and a receptive appreciation of nature that fresh ways of thinking emerge, business ideas can be born, or solutions to issues we may be facing are revealed.
The key is in how we wait. If the anxiety of a situation immobilizes us, we will lose focus and power, and likely feel that we are at the whim of others’ decisions. On the flip side, too much action aimed at controlling a situation can ramp up stress levels and actually distract us from the experience. Expectant waiting is when we are able to pause, yet remain ready for when we are called into action. The practice is to be aware that you are in a waiting period, a time of unknown, and then consciously choose not to succumb to the feelings that arise as a result [of not knowing the outcome and not being able to control it]. It requires you trust that as your experience unfolds, you will connect to a powerfully calm and centered part of yourself. From this perspective, waiting can become a welcomed and fruitful part of the process rather than a limitation.

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