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Expect ObamaCare to become VeteranCare for poor Americans

CNN reported that 40 US military vets died on the waiting list of the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system "where wait times can last more than a year."

VA Whistleblower Dr. Sam Foote tells America the truth. Should we vilify him as a traitor like whistleblowers Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden?
ABC15 Arizona/YouTube

But there is nothing new or surprising here for educated people who pay attention.

An ABC News article dated April 8, 2004 began by reporting the deplorable conditions it found 14 years earlier throughout the VA hospital system. It went on to catalog their then most recent findings, describing filthy conditions, cavalier treatment, incompetent care, patients left in hallways on gurneys, unsterilized surgical instruments, disastrous management and other atrocities reaching as far back as 1999.

True believers used to praise the Canadian healthcare system as their ideal until too many stories about moneyed people fleeing Canada for private treatment elsewhere while poor Canadians simply died on waiting lists became too numerous to debunk. So instead they began applauding Europe's social welfare states.

But those countries can afford to give their heavily taxed populations "free" government healthcare because they're heavily subsidized by the US government. A recent Washington Post article quoted NATO itself that the US paid 73 percent of its European members' defense budgets in 2013.

With the US trillions of dollars in debt and mounting what will those European states do if the US goes bankrupt and can't cover their defense tab? Will they give up their "free" healthcare to pay for their own defense or look elsewhere? Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to return to the glory days of the old Soviet Union. Maybe Western European countries can join his newly emerging empire and their people can die on the PutinCare waiting list.

Libertarians see no reason why ObamaCare won't become just another grotesque VeteranCare for everyone in America except the ultra-wealthy ruling class elites of politicians, bureaucrats, corporatists and banksters who have provided themselves with the best private care possible, as Fidel Castro did in Cuba.

Everyone else with money will become ObamaCare refugees, "medical tourists" seeking lower costs, better care and, most important, actual availability with short wait times in other countries. True believers will likely continue to be true believers right up until the moment they die on ObamaCare's waiting list.

Unfortunately, a true free market in healthcare isn't an option in America. For decades the US has had a micro-managed government regulated medical industry that has destroyed what was once the best healthcare in the world. ObamaCare will now bury what is already dead.

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