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Expanded edition of Roy Orbison 'Mystery Girl' to add unreleased tapes

The cover of the new deluxe "Mystery Girl"
The cover of the new deluxe "Mystery Girl"
Legacy Recordings

Legacy Recordings and Roy's Boys, the Nashville-based company formed by the sons of the late Roy Orbison, announced March 20 it will commemorate the 25th anniversary of Roy Orbison's “Mystery Girl” with a deluxe edition featuring a CD and DVD and an expanded audio CD version, to be released on May 20.

“Mystery Girl - Deluxe” will add nine previously unreleased studio and work demos to the original 10-track album that included “You Got It.” Among these is "The Way Is Love," with a newly restored Roy Orbison vocal track layered with contemporary guitar, drum and vocal accompaniment by Roy's three sons Roy Jr., Alex and Wesley. Also included will be "Mystery Girl: Unraveled," a one-hour documentary about the song-by-song creation of “Mystery Girl” featuring archival footage and the memories of those who were there. The DVD will also include eight music videos, four of which are previously unreleased, including one for "The Way Is Love." Those who purchase the Mystery Girl - Deluxe set through the online store at will also be sent an exclusive, limited edition 18-month calendar (July 2014 - December 2015). .

“Mystery Girl - Expanded” will add five tracks, including “The Way Is Love,” to the original line-up.

A two-LP vinyl set, “Mystery Girl – Deluxe,” on 180 gram 12" vinyl, will also be available on June 10. The set includes the original album's track listing on one LP and the nine bonus tracks offered on the “Mystery Girl - Deluxe CD” on the second LP.

The documentary "Mystery Girl: Unraveled." which was executive produced by Wesley Orbison, Roy Orbison, Jr. and Alex Orbison, and directed by Alex Orbison, features new interviews with Billy Burnette, John Carter Cash, Mike Campbell, Steve Cropper, Richard Dodd, Jim Keltner, Jeff Lynne, David Malloy, Tom Petty and Roy's three sons. The film also incorporates never-before-seen interviews with Bono, Barbara Orbison, Jeff Ayeroff and others. Archival footage includes sequences filmed in Mike Campbell's garage, where much of the album was recorded. It concludes with new footage on the creation of "The Way Is Love," one of the previously unreleased tracks on “Mystery Girl - Deluxe.”

According to the record company, Roy's vocals were found on a previously unheard Roy Orbison/Bill Dees work-tape, originally recorded on a boombox cassette player.

Roy's core group of musicians on the original “Mystery Girl” recordings included Jeff Lynne (guitar, piano, bass, backing vocals), Tom Petty (acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Mike Campbell (guitar, bass, mandolin), Jim Keltner (drums), Howie Epstein (bass, backing vocals), and Benmont Tench (piano, organ, cheap strings). Contributing artists on the album include Barbara Orbison, Roy Orbison, Jr., Al Kooper, George Harrison, Bono, T Bone Burnett, Steve Cropper, The Memphis Horns, and more.

Roy Orbison - "Mystery Girl Deluxe"

CD + LP track listing

  • “You Got It” (Jeff Lynne/Roy Orbison/Tom Petty)
  • “In The Real World” (W. Jennings/R. Kerr)
  • “(All I Can Do Is) Dream You” (B. Burnett/D. Malloy)
  • “A Love So Beautiful” (J. Lynne/R. Orbison)
  • “California Blue” (R. Orbison/J. Lynne/T. Petty)
  • “She's A Mystery To Me” (David Evans/Paul Hewson)
  • “The Comedians” (Elvis Costello)
  • “The Only One” (Wesley Orbison/Craig Wiseman)
  • “Windsurfer” (R. Orbison/B. Dees)
  • “Careless Heart” (Roy Orbison/Diane Warren/Albert Hammond)

Bonus songs:

  • “The Way Is Love” (unreleased with new instruments and vocals)
  • “She's A Mystery To Me” (studio demo with Bono)
  • “(All I Can Do Is) Dream You” (studio demo)
  • “The Only One” (studio demo)
  • “The Comedians” (studio demo)
  • “In The Real World” (studio demo)
  • “California Blue” (studio demo)
  • “Windsurfer” (work-tape demo)
  • “You Are My Love” (work-tape demo)

Mystery Girl - Deluxe bonus DVD content

  • "Mystery Girl: Unraveled"

Plus Eight Bonus Videos:

  • New videos: “The Way Is Love”
  • “California Blue” (new alternative version set to the studio demo bonus audio track)
  • “You Got It” (2014 version)
  • “She's a Mystery To Me” (alternate Fincher version, unreleased)
  • Previously released videos:
  • “You Got It”
  • “California Blue”
  • “She's a Mystery To Me”
  • “A Love So Beautiful”

“Mystery Girl” - Expanded

CD Track listing

  • “You Got It”
  • “In The Real World”
  • “(All I Can Do Is) Dream You”
  • “A Love So Beautiful”
  • “California Blue”
  • “She's A Mystery To Me”
  • “The Comedians”
  • “The Only One”
  • “Windsurfer”
  • “Careless Heart”
  • Bonus songs:
  • “The Way Is Love”
  • “She's A Mystery To Me”
  • “The Only One”
  • “California Blue”
  • “You Are My Love”


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