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Expand or You Are Expendable

Career is Your Best Asset
Career is Your Best Asset
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If you are leaving your career to others or chance this is a huge mistake. You must consider this thought – Expand or You Are Expendable!

Do you recognize that your career is now your greatest asset and investment over the course of your lifetime?

Consider for a moment how everyone knows about the importance of going to the Doctor for a regular physical. Many people understand the importance of investing with a professional to optimize your investment account and potentially manage your entire portfolio. A number of people include a professional in the insurance field to this mix of professional help. In addition a CPA or other qualified tax professional round out your areas of professional help. The initial question is not answered with any of these professionals.

Who is managing your career? Who is creating the strategy for your career growth or advising you when you require professional help in your career?

Let’s begin with this thought – How about you to start?

In this super competitive job market it is highly suggested that everyone take the initiative and work on their career roadmap and strategy. Here are a few areas which you may wish to begin with in creating your career strategy and roadmap.

The first area to address should be a timeline with dates and the event you intend to achieve. This might be more responsibility, a promotion, or an additional certification to name a few.

In your current work environment you must engage with your direct manager. The person who you directly report to in the organization chart. This conversation should be specifically about your career goals, what opportunities are there for you in the future and are there development courses or other resources available through the company. Ask if there are areas which your manager would like to see you learn more about or increase your skill levels in which would enhance your value to the company.

Another area to consider is your ability to get involved in projects where there is a need especially if it is a stretch for you and your current skill level. This will give you visibility within the company and you may have the opportunity to meet with and get to know other senior level people in other departments of the business.

One final thought is to look through other companies career section and learn what roles and responsibilities are similar to your current job and what roles and responsibilities exist for your next step up. You want to make certain you have the required experience and skill sets in case you find yourself in need to job hunt.

In summary, do not leave your career in the hands of others and chance! Get started on your career strategy and roadmap, meet with your manager, offer to work on projects in your company and look at other companies career sections.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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