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Exotic Thai Cuisine

Pad Thai with fried tofu from Exotic Thai Cuisine
Pad Thai with fried tofu from Exotic Thai Cuisine
Samantha Marquis

 Exotic Thai Cuisine has made Thai food even more convenient. Their website allows you to do everything, but eat the food, online.

They are located less than a mile from downtown Burbank and offer free delivery within a 5 mile radius of their restaurant for all orders over $10.

It's the perfect cheat for dinner.  Call your order in on your way home and you can have warm food there when you get home, or pick it up on your way by. Either way you get delicious food you don't have to cook and let's face it, that means less dishes to clean. And the fabulous meat-free dishes below are all under $9 and many are under $8. Who doesn't love that?

They have quite the extensive menu, so here's the lowdown vegetarians:

Dessert - Because you should always have dessert  in mind when you start a delicious meal!

Authentic Fried Banana

Mango with Coconut Sticky Rice (seasonal)

Steamed Pumpkin Egg Custard (seasonal)

Coconut Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream

Thai Tea Ice Cream


Exotic crunching Thai vegetable egg rolls are a great start to the meal. Add some cheddar cheese fried wonton and you're off to a good start. Don't forget the Yogi Vegetable Cake with sweet & sour sauce.


Just one option here; a vegetable soup with tofu, mushrooms and onions that is full of flavor.

Main Course Salad

A tofu, avocado, olive and orange salad with honey mustard dressing OR an Exotic Green Salad.

Note: The bulk of their main dishes do not include meat, but give you the option of adding tofu (or meat for your omnivorous friends) when you order at no extra charge (exception is shrimp for $3 more).

Wok Noodles

Chef's Special Pad Thai: A favorite Thai dish made with thin rice noodles, egg, crushed peanuts, beansprouts and fried tofu. A delicious treat!

Beijing Chow Mein: Pan fried egg noodles with vegetables and tofu.

Rad Na: Flat noodles and broccoli with gravy and tofu.

Pad Ke Mau Noodles: Stir fried noddles with chili, basil leaves and tofu. For a twist order it with vegetables and tomatoes. It's delicious!

Pad Se-Eau: Flat rice noodles stir friend with broccoli, egg and tofu in a special sauce.

Pad Woon Sen: Listed as low carb, this dish is made of glass noodles, egg, tomato, green onion and mushroom.

Noodles Soup

Sukiyuaki-Tokyo Soup: Mixed vegetables, glass noodles, egg and tofu served with garlic-tofu-sesame oil sauce.

Tom-Yum Noodles: (spicy) Spicy & sour noodle soup with flake crushed peanut Thai style soup.

Fried Rice

Thai Fried Rice: Tofu, onion, egg and special sauce.

Spicy Fried Rice: Thai Fried Rice with chili and basil leaves

Vegetable Fried Rice: Mixed vegetables with egg. Designated as 'no meat'.


Tasty Antioxidant: Hot wok quick sauteed broccoli, carrot, tomato and tofu with black pepper & garlic

Sweet & Sour: Hot wok Tasty sweet & sour sauce blend with tofu, pineapple, tomato and onion

Baby Corn & Mushroom:  Hot wok sauteed baby corn, mushroom and tofu with black pepper and garlic sauce

Ginger, Onion & Mushroom: Hot wok sauteed ginger, onion, mushroom and tofu with white wine and mild sauce.

Asparagus or Spinach with Shitake Mushrooms and Tofu

The last part of their menu is simple called Adventure. There are even a couple items for vegetarians here!


Spicy black pepper & Garlic: Spicy tofu with black pepper and garlic sauce.

Fire Flame Mixed Vegetables: Hot wok sauteed to preserve nutrition.  Available with tofu too!


Kick Boxing Red Curry: Slow cook coconut milk in red curry with tofu, bamboo shoot, red bell pepper and basil leaf.

Green Light Curry: Slow cook coconut milk in green curry with tofu, eggplant , red bell pepper and basil leaf. Mild spice with a sweet taste.

Yellow Mong Curry: Slow cook coconut milk in yellow curry with tofu, cubic potatoes, carrot and onion with a creamy, mild spice.

Panang Curry: Coconut milk in panang curry with tofu. spicy

Exotic Beverages

Included with the usual soda, water and hot tea options are these three Thai treats:

Thai Lemonade

Thai Iced Coffee

Thai Iced Tea

Whether you are new to Thai food or an Old Friend, hopefully now you will feel the urge to try out this fabulous find for yourself.

Happy Vegetarian Eats!

Phone: 818.841.2555  Fax: 818.841.5033

Question or comment about your favorite Thai restaurant to love or hate? Leave a comment below or send me a note at


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