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Exotic pet lizard roaming beach area rescued by Animal Rescue League of Boston

A Good Samaritan notified the Animal Rescue League of Boston on Thursday of a unique looking lizard roaming about at the Wollaston Beach in Quincy reported

The unusual lizard, who is a full grown adult male Pogona, (bearded dragon) is now safe at the Dedham shelter. Rescuers believe he was abandoned.

In case you're not familiar with bearded dragons, these particular lizards characterized by triangular shaped heads and rather flat bodies normally live in desert regions, and originated from Australia. About 20 years ago, they became popular in the United States as pets because they are hardy and friendly.

Bearded dragons prefer to dine on leafy green vegetables and fruits, but do like an occasional cricket in their diets.

According to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, this particular lizard is described as calm and sweet. He will be heading to a foster home until he is ready for adoption. The organization's Facebook page is already overflowing with offers to give this "adorable" guy a home. (Can one refer to a bearded dragon as "adorable?)

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