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Exotic Car News: Japanese tuner company offering Lamborghini inspired body kit for the Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430 with Auto Veloce bolt on car kit enhancements looks unique, but may lower the resale
Exotic Car News: Ferrari F430 with newly released Auto Veloce bolt on custom car kit enhancements looks unique and hot, but may lower the resale value when and if you ever decide to try and sell it. Regardless of price, what do you think of the look? Sound off in the comments section below the article.
Exotic Car Examiner via @cafecars / Italianizzato Club / Photo credit: Insideline

Exotic Car News!

Auto Veloce is a name well known in the tuner world. The custom car parts company makes bolt on enhancements that improve aesthetic design and / or aerodynamics on production cars.

Items the business produces might include a variety of aftermarket parts items you can purchase and install to modify your exotic car or sport car such as:

  • ground effects
  • bumpers
  • aerodynamic kits
  • wings
  • diffusers
  • wheels

Edmunds Insideline writes (July 13, 2010):

Japanese tuner Auto Veloce has created a Lamborghini-inspired body kit for the outgoing Ferrari F430. It was officially unveiled at the 2010 Special Import-Car Show, or SIS, in Japan, and it's now available for order in both spider and berlinetta variants.

The package is part of Auto Veloce's product line dubbed "Super Veloce Racing," and includes a full exterior body kit.

Like a lot of the aggressive models from Lamborghini, the F430 gets a huge front airdam, quarter-panel intakes and a monstrous rear wing.

The kit is blacked out to make it look even more like Lamborghini's 2010 Murcielago LP670-4 Super Veloce. New wheels and a rear bumper with a diffuser are also part of the modifications.

According to Edmunds, a similar but less aggressive package with the Lambo look is also offered for the Ferrari 360 Modena.

However, before you go bolting anything on your Ferrari because you are feeling artistic or creative, think about this --

Would painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa improve her value even if it made her more attractive to some people?

While the products are well made and look hot, they tend to devalue the car at resale for straying away from the auto manufactures carefully thought out look, presentation, and style. 

As such, if you feel compelled to alter your ride, be sure to keep all the body parts you take off in pristine shape so you can reinstall them for a new owner when and if the time comes to sell the vehicle.

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  • RobMcK 4 years ago

    The f430 looks great with the more aggressive kit, it's about time this model looked more angry and as performance related as it is. Outside of the Enzo it seems to me that Ferrari has kept it's cars rather plain and it's no wonder why lamborghini is doing so well. As far as the resale value on such modifications, I agree to keep the oem parts but isn't part of the exotic lure the fact that your car stands out? I say customize till' your hearts content, "love the one you're with!"

  • Fred 4 years ago

    This New Lamborghini look is Great! Whomever found this news needs to keep it up because it Rocks!

  • John 4 years ago

    This is the stupidest thing I have seen since the body kit to make a Mazda Miata look like a BMW Z3.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    who is stupid enough to call a ferrari f430 a lamborghini? wow..