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Exorcist girl had her own paranormal experience

Actress Linda Blair at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 3rd Annual Governors Awards in November 2011.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Linda Blair, best know for her role in The Exorcist in which she frightened many viewers and even caused some heart attacks, has also had her own scary run-in with the paranormal.

On an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories presented on the Biography channel, Blair recounted an event that occurred when she was 8 years old. She lived with her family in Connecticut at the time in a home surrounded by woodland.

Blair said she loved going into the woods exploring with her 14-year-old sister. One day, they and a friend went into the woods and discovered an abandoned house that was in bad shape. Even though it had shattered windows and peeling paint much like an old haunted house, their girls were anxious to go inside – all except for Blair.

Inside they found nothing to indicate who had lived there. In fact, it was dark and foreboding. They managed to climb a rickety old staircase to the second floor but then stopped in their tracks. First a noise and then voices could be heard sending the three girls running frantically for the front door.

Blair’s sister and the friend reached the door and ran outside leaving her alone in the old house. The door had been difficult to open and now it was stuck as she tried to get it open. Then she heard footsteps behind her. Terrified, she continued to struggle with the door, eventually giving up and turning around as the footsteps kept coming closer.

It was then that she saw three spirits – “a tall, strong looking man, a woman and a little girl dragging a doll on the floor.” As they moved even closer, Blair’s heart beat faster and faster. To her utter relief, her sister managed to open the door and dragged her outside.

Many years later, Blair learned that a family might have been murdered in that old house in the 1920’s.

Blair has appeared in many films including the hilarious movie Repossessed (1990), Scream (1996) and Grease (a 1997 Broadway revival. She has also had cameo roles in such television shows as L.A.7 (2000) and Scariest Places on Earth (2000-2006).


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