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Exorcism deaths: Mother kills 2 kids while attempting exorcism in Maryland

The exorcism deaths of her two children and the wounds on her two other children have put the mother of these four kids and another woman behind bars today. These two women believed they were doing an exorcism, which led to two of the kids dying and two others fighting for their lives today in Maryland, according to Fox News on Jan. 19.

Mother charged in killing 2 of her kids while doing an exocism. She is charged in attempted murder of her 2 other kids. Another woman is also charged in bizarre case out of Maryland this weekend.
Facebook/ My Fox 5

Zakieya L. Avery, the mother of the dead and injured children, was charged on two counts of first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. A woman, who lived in the house with the family but not related, was also arrested and charged for the two deaths of the children.

Police were called to the Germantown home by a neighbor who reported “suspicious activity.” A car door was left open and a knife was on the ground nearby. Police arrived and found Norell Harris 1, and his sister, Zyana Harris, 2, dead from fatal stab wounds. Their two older siblings, ages 5 and 8 are in the hospital today with injuries.

The call came in on Friday morning, which is when the bodies were found, but a call for the same house also came in on Thursday. On Thursday the caller reported a child left alone in a car. When police arrived, the child and the car were gone. They knocked on the door of the home, but no one answered. Police asked that the county child protection services to follow up. It is not known if they did, but it was only 24 hours later that the children were dead.

Exorcism is a ritual performed when it is believed someone is possessed with evil spirits. Why this mother would believe her children needed an exorcism is not known, but the investigation is on-going today. Both women are being held without bond in this case, the condition of the children in the hospital is not known at this time.

According to CNN, report that the investigators learned that the two women were attempting an exorcism on the kids, but it is not known why at this time. County Police Chief Tom Manger said:

"Cases like this are heartbreaking," "Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims."

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