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Exondia Jaye Salado-Manny Salado: Oklahoma City, Okla., murder case

Exondia Salado pictured with husband Manny Salado
Exondia Salado pictured with husband Manny Salado
Traciy Curry-Reyes

Exonida Salado aka Exondia Jaye Salado was an African American woman who was convicted of shooting, dismembering and barbecuing her Afro-Dominican husband, Manuel Emilio Salado, aka 'Manny Salado,' in 2007. Police say Exondia Salado was jealous and angry that her husband was going to leave her for another woman in the Dominican Republic. She was arrested for his murder in 2008 and convicted in 2011, according to News 6. Exondia was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Exondia J. Links Salado case background: Exondia Salado was living with her husband Army reservist Manuel Salado, in their Oklahoma City home in 2006. Exondia had met the Dominican man in a club off base years prior. The two hit it off and became lovers, then later married. According to the children, everything seemed pretty normal for a while but things started to sour. Both Exondia and Manny had lovers. The couple also fought constantly over money. In the fall of 2007, Manny Salado disappeared. It was later discovered that Manuel Salado had not just disappeared but had been murdered, dismembered and barbecued, after a friend of Exondia Salado came forward with information.

Exondia J. Salado-Manuel 'Manny' Salado timeline: In 1971, Exondia Jaye Links is born in Florida. Her mother is a single mom raising several children. Economically, it is tough on the family as they struggle constantly with money. Exondia Links, a high achiever and a straight-A student, excels in school.

After high school, Exondia Links moves to California, where she marries for the first time. She has one daughter in 1991, named Alajonda. Later, Exondia gives birth to a son, Calvin. The couple later divorces, and Exondia is now a single mother raising two children.

She decides to go into the Navy, where she becomes an avionics technician and computer expert in Virginia. She excels on the job. Her children adore her and enjoy their time growing up. Exondia is a good mother who always spends time with the kids.

By 2002, Exondia meets Manuel Emilio Salado at a club off base. Manuel, who everyone calls Manny, is a handsome Dominican man. The two fall in love and marry after Exondia gives birth to her youngest daughter. Shortly after, Manny and Exondia begin having marital problems due to money.

Manny Salado is transferred to a military base in Chicago, Illinois. By this time, Exondia is retired from the Navy and is a stay-at-home mom. The former avionics technician starts her own at-home business by publishing a small magazine entitled "Vibe," which advertises her computer skills. She also starts a computer business to make extra money.

Manny and Exondia are still fighting constantly and eventually engage in extramarital affairs. In 2006, Manny Salado is transferred to Oklahoma City, Okla. He is not happy with Exondia and tells other people about his failing marriage. Exondia tries to make the marriage work by moving to Oklahoma with Manny and her youngest daughter, Tai.

The marriage does not improve. And the relationship becomes more tense after Manny is honorably discharged from the Navy. By 2007, they are broke and Manny is working several low paying jobs, including work with a cable-satellite company.

Exondia suspects her husband of having an affair and confirms that fact after installing computer spyware on the couple's home computer. Not only is Manny having an affair with a woman that he met in the Dominican Republic, but he plans to divorce her.

Exondia begins to plan his murder in the summer of 2007. She begins searching for terms such as "spousal murder," "true crime home invasion," "long term hostage, " "kidnap hostage," "long term abductions" and "dungeon torture. She also looks for information on "suffocation," "easy murder," "quick kill," "spousal murder," "human torture" and how to build a "pig roasting pit."

On October 8 or 9, Exondia shoots her husband as he sleeps and places his body in a large box in their apartment. It is speculated that Manuel Salado does not die immediately. Prosecutors believe that Exondia keeps her husband's body in the home for a week before dismembering and cooking his body in an empty house in a rural part of town.

On October 11, Exondia tells her friend, April Stubbs, that her husband Manny is in the closet. April Stubbs ignores the comment for a few days but later reports the story to police after Manny never showed up.

April Stubbs also tells police that Exondia Salado came to her house to pick up her daughter after three days, wearing muddy boots and camouflage clothing. According to Stubbs, Exondia also had a strong, foul odor that she was unable to describe.

Oklahoma City Police searched for Manny and tried to find evidence against Exondia for over a year, until she was finally arrested in Florida in 2008. A jury later convicted her of first-degree murder and sentenced her to life without the possibility of parole, according to the Times Record News.

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