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Exodus features five new images in Entertainment Weekly. Trailer Coming Soon!

Christian Bale in action as Moses
Christian Bale in action as Moses
Entertainment Weekly

This year has already seen its fair share of Biblical movies, but the genre is far from done from being present on the silver screen. Coming this December is a new rendition of the story of Moses called Exodus: Gods and Kings. This biblical epic will be directed by acclaimed director Ridley Scott. The movie features a number of stars such as Christian Bale, Aaron Paul, Joel Edgerton, John Turturro, Ben Kingsley and Sigourney Weaver.

Entertainment Weekly features new pics on the biblical epic

There has been very little on the film, however it seems that Exodus will be picking up steam in the near future. It begins with an update from Entertainment Weekly. The magazine featured the new biblical epic with five images on the film. Each pictures features a different character and moments from the film. There is even a pic featuring Ridley Scott on the set. Just by looking at these images, you can tell that this may not be the classic interpretation of the story of Moses. From what we can see from the title characters, Moses seem to be more battle hardy then he is parting the red sea. Then again, there is still a chance to see the classic Moses. Perhaps the images of the character are the early parts in the movie and Bale's Moses will gradually change into the leader of the Israelites. We will see when more comes out on the film.

Speaking of which, the trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings is coming. According to, the preview for the film is coming soon. While that may seem blunt, it is likely that thanks to this update the trailer should not be far behind. All the same, it would be wise to keep an eye open on more of this Biblical Epic.

What do you think of the pics? Do you think we will be seeing the trailer soon? Express your opinion in the comments below. Exodus: Gods and Kings hits theaters on December 12th.