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Exodus, a mass departure

Exodus:  parents leaving a gym after graduation.
Exodus: parents leaving a gym after graduation.

The word “exodus,” as defined by Merriam-Webster online dictionary, means a mass departure. Most any follower of Christ is familiar with the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt, but the term 'exodus' is not limited to that event. The mind is able to think of many places where an exodus has occurred. Anyone who has been to a concert or a sporting event has likely been a part of one.

A mass departure from anything is a mental as well as physical exercise, some would say. That is, however, only half of the truth. The most important aspect of an exodus is spiritual. In order to be truly successful at anything, we must walk the spiritual journey. Of course this doesn't take into account what society would consider success to be, but society doesn't have the answers. For it is society itself that has made some things acceptable that should not be so, such as homosexuality.

The church seems to be at a loss in addressing an exodus from the homosexual lifestyle. Do we accept homosexuals as they are? Does the Body of Christ openly receive those who are living in a homosexual lifestyle? If so, how far are practicing homosexuals allowed into the Body?  Clean Heart Ministries, locate in Charlotte, NC is doing the work of extending the love of God and the truth of homosexuality to the Metro area. Clean Hearts Ministries is a part of  Exodus International , North America),

As followers of Christ, it is our job to love with truth, not to stand in condemnation. Jesus opened His arms to the sick and proclaimed that they were the very ones that He came to touch (Matthew 9:11-13). Homosexuality is just that, a sin sickness. When one comes to see their sin for what it is, a sickness, they are shamed into silence. We fear the consequences of bringing our sinfulness out into the open for the world to see. Yes, the world will likely ridicule, but should the Body of Christ be in agreement with the world? Never! If a person who is homosexual is to come to Christ, receive forgiveness and then go out and bring others to the same saving grace, they must be loved for who they are, creatures made by the same Creator. Will we, as followers of Christ, reject the sin sick or will we embrace them and lead them to the Healer?


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