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Exhibitions galore

quilt made by Cove Club artists
quilt made by Cove Club artists
photos courtesy of Robert Nash

For Cape Cod’s faithful art lovers, this past weekend Feb 8th, marked the opening reception of a new exhibit at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in south Yarmouth. Artists from the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, and fine arts honors students from Barnstable high school collaborated in a special exhibit titled “Figuration”. The students who participated gave their artistic representation of an artists’ work of their choice. Lauren Wolk, Associate Director of the Cultural Center remarks about the show, “It is always beneficial when the generations work together, when artists inspire one another, and when the public gets to see and celebrate the results”. Indeed Cape artists bring a unique narrative perspective to the Cultural Center which enforces the value of the arts in the community.

January 31st marked the opening ceremony of three exhibits. Presenting artistic works in the center’s Blue Room gallery were a community of artists from the Cove Club. The Cove Club is a local social and vocational rehabilitation program for mentally ill adults on Cape Cod. Artists from the program collaboratively created a quilt which gives various insights into the artists’ activities and enjoyments. Exhibiting in the Vault, another of the center’s beautiful galleries, were the oil and watercolor works of artist Paul Tougas.

More talented artists were able to display their work in the Board Room gallery. Artists Ellen Butt and Thomas McCloud shared their paintings and love of art. When speaking of what makes an artist an artist, Thomas stated with a smile, “Learning never stops”. Jean Hitch and Marjorie Kuhfahl, two sisters who are very skilled with oil paints, employ a variety of rich scenery from baby ducklings to their children and their friends. Both in their 90s, the exhibition was a big deal for the women who have been painting since childhood under the tutelage of their father, a famous Australian artist. The sisters still paint with as much enthusiasm as before, and have graciously passed down their wonderful painting genes. Artist Anne Hitch, daughter of Jean Hitch, and her cousin, artist Sandra Kuhfahl, daughter of Marjorie, laughingly recall a time when Anne and her friend were subjects for her mother’s painting. The multigenerational artists’ creativity with oils brings their still life paintings to a colorfully rich existence of its own.

Artist Rae Rylander also presented her work in the Board Room. Rylander’s snow-capped landscape painting of a beach in the town of Brewster provided a newfound interest. A snowy beach scene gives a cool change from the usual sun-kissed beach paintings of Cape Cod. When told how beautiful her painting is, Rae remarked that it, “has to stir your soul”. Although these three exhibits were only displayed until February 9th, the Provincetown and Barnstable high school exhibit is available for viewing until February 23rd. If interested in any of the above mentioned exhibits, or if seeking to become a member, please contact the Cultural Center at 508-394-7100.