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Exhibition of Works from Women Contemporary Artists

Opening this Sunday at the Mills College Art Museum in Oakland, is the exhibition Blurring the Line. It is a showcase of works from the collection of Lenore Periera and Rich Niles, and curated by the students at Mills College’s Museum Studies Workshop.

In this exhibition, over the forty works that are featured explores the contemporary ideas, that surrounds the process of drawing, and examines both its traditional and expanded forms, especially when it comes to relations to three-dimensional, architectural spaces, and the use of artistic mediums not traditionally associated with drawing, including photography, sculpture, and video.

Blurring the Line is not the first time Pereira and Niles have collaborated with Mills College, featuring an all-female group of students, each given an opportunity in exploring the work of international roster of women artists. In fact, this happens to be the third for the Bay Area collectors of artwork, created by contemporary women artists. The exhibition features works from approximately twenty-two artists including Ana Mendieta, Mona Hatoun, Nina Katchadourian, Uta Barth, and Andrea Bowers, and a sample featuring the work Mended Spiderweb #8 by Katchadourian, can be seen on Mils College Art Museum’s website at The exhibition is on view until May 4th.

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