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Exhaling in the Clinton camp

UPI/Tariq AL-hun
UPI/Tariq AL-hun

As Hillary Clinton finishes her "book" tour, she will have another reason to smile as she heads to the bank to make some deposits. The U.N. has thrown in the towel and closed up shop in Libya. Most of the nations have been warned to get all of their diplomats and their families out of the country. The violence there continues, despite the ousting and execution of Muammar Gaddafi and his regime. In fact the fighting there is as intense as it was in 2011 when Gaddafi was ousted. Unfortunately the exit from Libya by the U.S. is far to late for the families of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and the three other Americans killed there. But from a political point of view, leaving Bengazi should put to rest anymore questions about who knew what, and why people were not told sooner. This will be a huge relief for Hillary and anyone she chooses to campaign with.

Despite the capture of one of the supposed masterminds, Bengazi was a big bullet that the Republicans were preparing to repeatedly fire at the former First Lady, if she did find herself on the debate panel in the next couple of years. But being the savvy politician that she is, by the time that she does make her announcement, Bengazi will be but a distant memory. As for the rest of us, the news is not all that optimistic.

OPEC is expressing concerns over the violence in Libya, and the availability of the high grade oil that is produced there.

That is not good. If some type of a resolution is not reached there soon, not only will we pay incredibly at the pump, but we may all be walking to work pretty soon.