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Exergaming: The next big fitness trend?

Even in virtual reality form triumphs over anything else.
Even in virtual reality form triumphs over anything else.

As if! Considered the 'orphaned' child of the health and wellness industry, no one claims to be a parent of exergaming on the fitness side of the railroad tracks. Most leading fitness industry professionals aren't even familiar with exergaming literature and latest research.

Fitness professionals and exergaming

When approached about exergaming, many fitness professionals dismiss it summarily. Asked about the Wii, most will claim their esteemed scientific community have for years consistently returned with the same verdict; playing Wii lacks substantive fitness benefits. [Sorry gamers, 'exergaming' is no substitute for the real thing]

Wii research #epicfail

With the introduction of the Wii, exergaming research was readily funded. Scientists would study the Wii and report back with their results. Mind you, the Wii console was a totally unique innovation heretofore unknown to anyone, even befuddling gamers. Those Wii remotes and nunchuks were, at the time, revolutionary to the video gaming world.

An open mind might appreciate this exciting breakthrough, the marriage of two disparate disciplines - gaming and fitness. It was clear that this Wii console and its many exergames would require years of exploration and experimentation by an array of professional disciplines in order to develop and sustain intelligent theories, proofs, and curate the resultant body of knowledge.

Fitness Trends

Still in its infancy, exergaming is generally ignored by leaders of the fitness world. And instead of making fitness more accessible through a virtual reality medium like exergaming, the fitness trend-setters poured their energies into developing even tougher fitness regimens, some aptly titled (i.e. Insanity). A recent article in American Fitness magazine [Our Propensity toward Intensity] laments going the hard core way and wonders whether perhaps it's time for a gentler, kinder approach. Enter exergaming, the answer to the fitness industry's next big trend.

Calling all Wii exergamers

Millions of people own Wii consoles and there's no indication they are giving them up even if they're not playing regularly or seriously. Thankfully, you who read this column are a Wii exergamer, perhaps. You may be called upon to share your expertise as a WEE (Wii Exergaming Expert) if the fitness industry doesn't get a clue (and even if they do). Great opportunity for a part-time income, a lot easier than being a personal trainer or group fitness instructor and Way.More.Fun.

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