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Exercising in the summer time

Sometimes exercising in the summer can be just as big a problem as doing it in the winter time. In the summer, the issue is not one of what to do so much as when to do it, especially if you live in a high-humidity climate.

The list of activities is endless, actually, and includes walking, biking, tennis, basketball, and swimming. All these activities can be done outdoors and, if it is too hot to exercise outside, then consider the following two options.
First, check when humidity is lowest where you live. For most areas, that will be mid day. Research the optimal time (dryer is better than sticky hot) and then go out to enjoy the environment. If hot is anything over 85 F. degrees for you, then no problem! Most activities can be done indoors. Gyms have cycling machines. Some have indoor swimming pools.

In Albuquerque, Presbyterian Healthplex operates a rehab pool in the northeast heights that is also available for those just want to exercising. The Healthplex also has a basketball court, and people just join any game (not a true game) that is in progress, chasing the ball back and forth across the court. Tennis is pretty much an outdoor sport here in Albuquerque, but larger metropolitan cities do have indoor courts.

Consider just walking in the evening after dinner, or going for a 10- to 15- minute after lunch. Even if you are only walking at a slow 2 ½ mph, you can burn up to 230 calories in an hour (and perhaps burn off that piece of cake you ate for dessert). For some people, walking outside is not an option. They might have asthma or allergies. In that case, you can always walk at a gym (senior centers have indoor walking paths) or walk on a treadmill at home while you watch a movie. (See--you can not make up any excuse to not exercise!)

Getting on a bike doesn't grab you for exercise? One of the best forms of exercise that can be done at any time right in your own house is cleaning. If done at a good speed, you can burn up to 355 calories in an hour. It uses many of the major muscle groups (bending and reaching), allows you to get in stretching, and gets you to sweating if you are doing it at a fast-paced clip. To make the cleaning go faster, just turn on some music with an even beat—country western would do—and dust, vacuum, and put away stuff to the beat. Break your cleaning up into three 30-minute periods, even over three days if doing it all at once is not possible.

This weight watcher feels that exercising should be as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. Regardless of the weather outside, you can exercise indoors. And yes, we all are aware that regardless the season, there will always be people who find an excuse not to exercise.

Don't let the weather outside stop you from living a healthy life!

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