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Exercising outdoors near Atlanta


Roller blading at Silver Comet Trail

Walking, skating and cycling can be inexpensive, yet rewarding forms of outdoor exercise.

Whether you exercise for 15 minutes or 2 hours, exercise is beneficial.  Some of the benefits of outdoor exercise  are an increase in heart rate which circulates blood carrying oxygen to your vital organs, testing endurance and finding peace of mind.

A great place for outdoor exercise is located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta.  The Silver Comet Trail starts in Cobb County at the intersection of the East - West Connector and South Cobb Drive.  There are 62 miles of trail from Cobb County to the Georgia/Alabama state line. 

The trail is not for motorized vehicles.  The trail accommodates bicycling, jogging, walking, roller blading, walking dogs, towing infant and toddler strollers, and wheelchairs.  There are also horseback riding areas.  There are 20 main access points, rest stops, restrooms, parking, places to purchase food, dog walking trails, water fountains, bike shops for sales and rentals, pay phones, emergency phones, handicap access and picnic tables.   


The trail is a great place for long and short walks or simply enjoying the flowers, trees and wildlife.  With any form of exercise, if you are under a doctors care you may want to consult with your physician concerning any risks involved and inquire about how long and how often it is recommended.