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Exercises for the beginner freelance writer

Many facets accompany the beginning stages of freelance writing: where do I begin? Who I write for? What do I write? It is an area that troubles even the veteran writer who may have been published three times over. When tackling those confusing and time-consuming thoughts, give these helpful and cost-effective tips a try.

The “Who” -

I am not referring to the musical group but speaking directly about the individuals who have been published. From book publications to magazine articles, you can typically spot a writer anywhere you set your eyes. Take a local magazine for example. Open to a two page article. Skim to the bottom of that article and you should find a brief sentence on the author. Go a step further and do a Google search on that author and find out what makes him or her a published author. From sites such as LinkdIn to FaceBook, freelance writers are generally a part of some social media network to promote their expertise.

Quiet Time -

It's not just for kids! This is an important habit to get into. Taking at least 15 minutes a day to quiet your subconscious can allow for healthy creative writing. According to Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, this method is practiced in middle schools all across the world because it promotes focus while reducing situational stress. Who wouldn't just 15 minutes to chill out!? Lay on your couch, sit in your car, listen to soft ambient music. Whatever you do with your 15 minutes, make sure you are not doing anything!

Exercise -

Whether you like to run, play tennis or hit the gym, exercise is one of the best (and important!) methods for reducing stress, clearing the mind and sparking creativity. Scientific studies at the Center for Brain Health in Texas show that aerobic exercise increases blood flow to the brain while improving memory and mood. In turn, your ability to create a timely and well groomed article will improve immensely! Try a 15 minute jog on a treadmill or a swim at an indoor pool.

The “What” -

What makes you tick? What makes you want to pick up a pen and write? It could be your family, your job, your spouse –anything that sends creative chills down your spine, through your arms and controls your thoughts in a positive, creative manner, is what you need to focus on. For example, I am a volunteer advocate for the local agency in my town. Watching children play together, singing songs and laughing with them, helping them with their homework or even listening to their troubles is what inspires me to write. I can write for hours after spending just one hour with these children.

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