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Exercise in style and be motivated

You can go from the gym to running errands in these outfits

Although “look good, feel good” has become an overused cliché, it is still true. Unfortunately too many 60 plus woman have opted out of the “look good” part. Fortunately they are opting in to exercise. The challenge is to opt in to looking good while exercising. We are living longer and have a more active lifestyle than the 60 plus women of previous generations. Popular media continues to present a negative image of older women. Dr. Karin Volkwein-Caplan author of 'Sport Fitness Culture', commented, “Films, commercials, books, and magazines depict older adults as depressed, unattractive, ill, disabled, lonely, decrepit, and even ready to die.” No wonder so many older women have given up on fashion.

Raggedy old tee shirts and black leggings might make you feel comfortable but they neither make you feel good nor motivate you to exercise. The new stylish exercise clothes made with moisture wicking fabrics are actually more comfortable. If you exercise outdoor, look for clothes with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of at least 30. Athletica has sportswear with a UPF of 50 plus. Consider the purchase of good-looking exercise clothes as an investment in you health. If you look good in your exercise clothes, you are more likely to look forward to going to the gym. You are also more likely to stay with an exercise regime.

Shorts are neither the best choice for the 60 plus woman nor are tops that are midriff or belly bearing. Shorts that fall just above the knee, wide leg capris, cropped pants and leggings are better choices. Tops should end at the waist or hip line. Tops with asymmetric hems add a trendy fashion touch.

You don’t need to break your clothing budget on exercise clothes. Target and Avon offer inexpensive, stylish exercise clothes in a range of sizes. One item not to skimp on is a good well fitting exercise bra.

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