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Exercise in recovery: a 12-step approach (step six)

Now that you have completed at least a two-week cycle of stability workouts, as suggested in step 5 of this Exercise in Recovery (EIR)  program, you are ready for more action.  It's time to focus on step 6:  

Short version:

A)  Learn, understand and practice the Light-weight/high-repetition mode.

Let's take a quick detour:  Step 6 in your other 12-step program suggests that you become willing to have God remove your defects of character.  Take a moment to consider asking your Higher Power to remove from you the idea of creating excuses not to exercise.  (Asking for energy is not a bad idea, either.)

Okay, back on track.   At this point in your exercise program you can switch from the Stability mode to the Light-weight mode.  When lifting light weights you should aim for 15 repetitions (reps) each set.  If you're not sure of the amount of weight to use, "lighter is better".  If you get over 20 reps, it will not hurt you.  You can then increase the weight in order to get about 15 (between 12-20 is okay) reps.

Do these exercises in the order offered earlier in this EIR program: 1) chest; 2) back; 3) shoulders; 4) biceps; 5) triceps; 6) legs. (Legs can go first or last.)

Abdominals (abs) and calves can be done almost everyday being that they are the two fastest muscle groups to heal.  Incidentally, if you can exceed 15 repetitions on abs, go for it!  Some people's bodies allow them to reach over 100 reps after a short while; some workout enthusiasts never get over 15.  In either case, when you are at the point of not being able to do anymore (sometimes called the point of failure, because the muscle fails to work after being so stressed.), you will get growth.  Remember, "Consistency without injury is progress!"

Practice the breath break introduced in step 4 of this program just prior to beginning your workout.  Step 4 also offers a breathing/meditation exercise to help you transition from your workout to the rest of your day.  Do yourself a favor and get in the habit of utilizing these meditations in order to gain better focus after your workout instead of just rushing off like so many people do.

This program suggests that an individual in good shape stay on this light-weight/high-repetition mode/cycle  for at least 2 weeks.  Some of you may want to remain on light weights indefinitely as a maintenance routine.  That is fine, as well.  This mode of exercise will continue to build a strong base after having already worked your body through the core/stability mode in step five. 

By now in this EIR program, you should be feeling great after each workout; you should have improved balance; improved stamina and strength.

As always, continue to ask the Higher Power of you choice to help you keep the will to want to exercise!



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