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Exercise in recovery: a 12-step approach (step one)



It is a great thing that there are so many 12-step programs out there these days---people bettering themselves!  In brief, they focus on coming to believe the individual needs help; taking an introspective inventory; and spirituality.  Not much on the "body" is discussed.  There are ways to incorporate bodywork into one's 12-steps.

The following are suggestions on how to incorporate exercise into your program of recovery while working on step one:

short version: 

 A)  Acknowledge to yourself that you want to add working-out to your current lifestyle.

B)  Decide on a realistic amount of time you are willing to allot.

C)  Focus on the basics.   The basics include, but are not limited to:

      1)  Walking;

       2)  low-impact calisthenics;

       3)  light weight-lifting---nothing fancy.


Remember that whatever brought you into your 12-step program included an admittance that your life had become unmanageable.  If you should  notice your time commitment to exercise is taking you away from your current program, discontinue workout temporarily.  Speak to someone who has more experience with the 12 steps about how to keep the balance in your program of mind, body, and spirit. 

Of great importance, ask your Higher Power to help you keep the will to want to exercise!

Note:  You should always consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.