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Exercise-Keeping it simple

We are bombarded in the media constantly with the latest in diet and exercise fads. They all promise great results and for a time they may just do that. But are you going to stick with this for the next 6 months? 1 year?

Nice and easy jog is effective
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Most of these require an investment of money, time or both. Who has a lot of either these days? This is where most people fail. However, there is a solution. For less than two hours per week and for little or no money, you too can get the results you’re looking for.

A comprehensive study (1600 people) on middle aged men and women was done by Mr. Wayne l. Westcott PHD, CSCS proved this. 3 days a week for 10 weeks the subjects did 8 exercises for one set and 8-12 repetitions which took 15 min; this was followed by 20 min of continuous treadmill walking or stationary cycling.

After 10 weeks these subjects averaged a 3.1 pound increase in lean muscle and 4.4 pounds decrease in fat weight. Overall, change of 7.5 pounds in overall body composition. Subjects also reduce both markers for blood pressure.

Doesn’t need to be complicated. Just effective.

Here is your sample program which can be done with little or no equipment and around your neighborhood.


Do this program 2- 3 days per week on non-consecutive days like Monday- Wednesday- Friday.

Resistance training- Do 8 exercises one after the other resting between 30 -60 sec between sets. Do 8 to 12 repetitions unless specified.

Cardiovascular training- 20 minutes of continuous exercise at a pace that does not leave you out of breath. If you don’t have access to a bike/treadmill, a brisk walk around your neighborhood will be fine.

1. Bodyweight squat (8-12 reps)

2. Pushups (8-12 reps)

3. Hip extensions (8-12 reps)

4. Towel row (Need a long bath towel)

Put a towel underneath your mid foot and assume a wide split stance with both toes pointed forward, holding the end of each towel with both hands. Lean your torso over your front leg and with both hands pull the towel towards you until you feel it in your upper back, biceps and forearms. Hold for 15 sec then switch legs and repeat.

5. Split squats. ( 8-12 reps each leg)

6. Lateral shoulder raises (Need light dumbbells. Cans of food will do) ( 8-12 reps)

7. Front shoulder raises ( 8-12 reps)

8. Reverse crunches (8-12 reps)

There you have it. A simple and easy program in the comfort of your own home. In less than two hours a week, you can get the results you’re looking for without a huge time or money commitment.

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