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Exercise, is your regimen giving you results? What to do next

The writer and his daughter enjoying bouncing at a bouncing center
The writer and his daughter enjoying bouncing at a bouncing center
Lance Becvar

When beginning any exercise regimen, often times a person may feel that they are either not exercising enough during the week or exercising too much. In the link below a young girl has been exercising 3 times a day, seven days a week and has not taken a day off in many years. She is of course the exception to the rule; most people do not exercise enough. Furthermore there is always seems to be conflicting information on the internet about how much exercise or what type is ideal for a person to stay fit. The writer’s experience has been to work out a minimum of three days a week or more to achieve results. Anything less is not going to be effective, you need to be active to stay fit; there is no way around it. The writer’s experience with losing weight has always included some kind of cardiovascular activity as part of his routine. In other words always, always try to include an activity with cause you the reader to sweat and increase your heart rate. The writer has lost most of his excess weight through bicycling and running. Now if you the reader are not achieving any of your New Year’s weight loss goals don’t worry and please don’t ever give up. The key here is to modify your exercise regimen or just mix it up.

If your exercise regimen includes walking, try to incorporate a faster pace or increase the distance you are walking. Try and get the arms involved, shift them back and forth, or raise them up and down. If you jogging, try wind sprints every so often, running faster for short brief periods of time. Also consider free exercising programming on you cable TV to mix things up. The writer mixes up his exercise routine with going bouncing at bounce centers with his daughter. In addition talk with your friends and or co-workers to see what kind of exercise they are doing to stay fit. Maybe you can meet for an exercise date and train with them for a day. Whatever exercise you the reader decide to perform, remember to stay consistent with that exercise program and give it a chance to work. In addition, weigh yourself at least a couple times a week to keep note of your progress and to help with motivation. Finally try and drink at least 2 glasses of water a day and try and reduce the amount of food you are eating per day. This does not require a special diet to help reduce your caloric intake but the writer will go into more detail in the next article. For more information, please contact the writer through